The problem when create HTTPS for elasticsearch

Hi guys, I am having the problem with setup HTTPS for elasticsearch stack. I created certifacate with private key with one certificate for every node with command

elasticsearch-certutil http

I am understanding that. I will run the obove command for every node in cluster and I will get many certificate and private key. So I will use any for kibana and logstash. Please explain for me.

Hi @Tai_Nguyen_Huu,

Which version of Elasticsearch are you using? Just to confirm your question, are you setting up basic security plus HTTPS traffic? And you are not sure which certificate is for Kibana versus Logstash?

If I've understood correctly, there are steps outlined here in the documentation. Looking at the example it generates keys for Elasticsearch and Kibana in separate folders with a README containing usage instructions.

Do let us know if that interpretation isn't quite correct!

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