The way to visualize data traffic from filebeat

I have been using ELK for some time and all sort of shipment solution, however due to the storage issue and simplicity of the env , and as my LB(being HAproxy) and already configured with the filebeat shipping the extended log to log stash, I would like to find a way to tweak the data size field to set up a traffic graph up in a neat way like what the metricbeat provides.
Can somebody suggest a visualization json or guide the way i can achieve this?

Hi Hamid,

Can you be more specific on what kind of visualization you want? I assume its a date histogram.

Metricbeat has one pre-configured Area Chart visualization called Top hosts receiving traffic (shown below). Is that the kind of chart you're looking for?


Hi LeeDr,
Thanks for the reply, I actually wanted to keep the metricbeat out of can I achieve it by the log formats from the filebeat HAPROXYHTTP grok type?

Hi Hamid,

I still don't know what kind of visualization you're trying to make. A Date Histogram Line Chart? Area chart? Other?

Maybe you could show some example data you have and describe how you want to view it in Kibana?

Hi Lee,
A date histogram line chart that visualizes the inbound and outbound traffic will be all required...quite like a graph you get in conventional monitoring tools like cacti...

Hi Hamid,

I'm sorry but I'm not at all familiar with the

filebeat HAPROXYHTTP grok type

It might be better to ask this question in the Beats forum.

Or if you can show me a screenshot of what you've tried so far and problem you're having I might be able to help you correct it.


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