There is no data to display after upgrading from 7.3 to 7.3.1

HI. After upgrading from 7.3 to 7.3.1, the infrastructure page comes up saying "There is no data to display." The logs are still there when I go to Logs or Discover. Anyone have any idea why?


Hi @Smoky,

I assume you're running metricbeat 7.3.1 as well? Is metricbeat shipping data directly to Elasticsearch? Could you please share the results of running

GET /_templates/metricbeat-*


GET /metricbeat-*/_mapping


Thanks, Weltenwort. The tempaltes are:
metricbeat-7.3.1 [metricbeat-7.3.1-] 1
metricbeat-6.8.1 [metricbeat-6.8.1-
] 1
metricbeat-7.3.0 [metricbeat-7.3.0-] 1
metricbeat-7.2.0 [metricbeat-7.2.0-
] 1
metricbeat-6.8.2 [metricbeat-6.8.2-] 1
metricbeat-7.2.1 [metricbeat-7.2.1-
] 1

The mappings don't fit here - there were over 1800 lines! What am I looking for in the mappings?


In the responses to the GET /_templates/metricbeat-* request there should each be an index_patterns array. It's important that these patterns match the actual index names that are created.

I think I see the problem, then. There are only patterns for 7.3.0 and 7.3.1. Would this make sense as a reason for not showing the data?

It depends on what your actual index names are.

Then yes, it does. I have closed the older indexes but they are still there. Time to set up a lifecycle policy.

Thank you very much!


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