There is no documentation for "Hadoop as repository"

Hi Team,

I am searching for documentation for "'Hadoop' as repository for Elasticsearch".
I am searching in preface page, i.e.,

here i got the link for " repository-hdfs"

but this showing message like documentation was removed.

where can i get the documentation for making "Hadoop as Repository" for my Elasticsearch cluster.


If you follow the github link that will take you to the actual docs, namely here:

Thanks for the reply,

When I am getting repository-hdfs file , there getting FileNotFound error. which means, in that specific location that package is not available.

Please find the below output for the commad,

bin/plugin install repository-hdfs --verbose
-> Installing repository-hdfs...
Trying ...

ERROR: failed to download out of all possible locations..., use --verbose to get detailed information

Please suggest me that How can I achieve this problem.


Hello Sathitya,

If you got some trouble about finding the right version on an avalaible website, you should visit : lasticsearch/elasticsearch-repository-hdfs/ and pick the right elastic-repository-hdfs plugin version.

You should download the if you don't have Hadoop 2.X install on your machine.

You download the file zip then you can use the follow command :
/path/elasticsearch/bin/plugin install file:///path_where_you_put_the_zip_file.

I hope it will help you.

Thanks for the information.
I need some information on configure hdfs repository with kerebos which i am not able to do.
i read from the posts that its still in progress as :
Kerberos authentication for the HDFS Repository Snapshot plugin does not function correctly in 5.x at the moment. There is currently an effort to re-add this functionality so that it may function well with the internal security manager.
Can you please help me when can i get this functionality added or any other method for using this plugin.