Tile map - show unique data

I have a system sending in unique caseID, longitude and latitude. I can with that information use Tile map to map out where each case was created.

I have also made the metric to only show unique per caseID.
Aggregation: Unique Count
Field: caseID

So if one case have several entries with the same long/lat it will only show one. Fine. Now to the problem.
A case can have changed long/lat but keep its caseID. With the above I will now get two marks on the Map. One for the first entry and one for the second, still only one be caseID. But this time I now have two marks on the Map for the same caseID.

So I would like to know if its possible to only get long/lat value from the latest entry per caseID.

I can't think of a way to do this with aggregations, let alone the aggregations Kibana supports. When you want distinct values you generally turn to the terms agg, but in this case you're generally going to have a single document per term so even if we did support geohash as a sub-agg of terms, it wouldn't be very helpful.

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