Time builder help


I have a doubt about time builder.

The data in my index has 1 month and I used 2 intervals 31day and 365day. My question is why the 365day shows me 0% while the 31day shows me correct values.
Shouldn't the 365day show me the same than 31day, since it is the same data and this data only has 1 month? Why is it showing me 0?

See the prints belows for the example.



Thanks in advance

@Ayden Do you have Drop last bucket set to No?

If you are using large intervals that exceed the time span of your data, the last bucket will be dropped if it doesn't fill the whole interval. If the option is set to Yes, try switching to No and see if you get results for the 365d interval.

You can find more info on this option in the PR where it was originally introduced, or the corresponding issue

I had Drop last bucket set to Yes. Changing to No fixed the problem.


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