Time filter

Can I change/update the time filter I selected while creating an index pattern, once after the index pattern has been created?

Hey @cravinder489
This is not supported in the Kibana UI, but you can , if you want to, manipulate this using the Kibana experimental API.

If you wish to do this, start by identifying the ID of your index pattern.

Then use curl or another tool (I like Postman) to fetch the Index pattern
GET https://my-kibana/api/saved_objects/index-pattern/my-index-pattern

Once you got that working, you can make a PUT request to the same URL, modifying the index pattern object. For your case, the payload would be:

{"attributes": {"timeFieldName": "new_field_name"}}

Beware that some existing visualizations \ dashboards already using that index pattern might show errors and require additional tweaking.

So, in short, move forward at your own risk, here!

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