Time intervals on x-axis

I am using elastic ui charts to plot a custom timeline graph. On x-axis I want to display time range which will change dynamically according to to timepicker selected by user on dashboard . I am able to plot time for which the data is actually present. But I want x-axis to display date-time even for those dates for which the data is not present. I want the functionality to be like if the user wants to see 1 year data and has selected 1 year in timepicker then my chart's x-axis should show one year time range and ticks on x-axis should be like (for eg: from 01-Jan-2021 to 01-Dec-2021) even if data is not present for some of these months. This is similar to how we see in kibana lens graphs. But I want this functionality in my custom created elastic ui chart.

above chart is created by kibana lens and I want the x-axis ticks on my custom chart similar to how we see in this above screenshot (In timepicker tool on dashboard, I have selected 1 year ).

Hi @Sayali_Gangodak ,

just to be clear, are you using any Kibana tool to build your chart, or plain React + Elastic Chart?
In case of the latter, can you share some code?

Hi @Marco_Liberati ,
I am using plain React + Elastic Chart. Have referred to following links to create the chart.

Would like to mention I am using Kibana version 7.16.2.

Sample code:

  <Chart size={{height: 200}}>
    tickFormat={(d) => Number(d).toFixed(2)}


You can use a Settings component that can extend the domain of the X axis providing an additional information:

  <Settings xDomain={yourCustomXDomain} />
  <LineSeries etc.../>

yourCustomXDomain should be an object with the shape of:

{min: number, max: number, minInterval: number}

In Lens, for instance, this value is retrieved from the original request sent to Elasticsearch and applied to the current data.

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