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Hi guys,

I want to make a line chart which y-axis data are depending on the x-axis data.
My x-axis is based on the @timestamp and I want to compare a field with the different
values of the x-axis. (Better description at the next comment :wink: )

Is there a possibility to do that?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

(Marius Dragomir) #2


Can you be more explicit in this? What exactly is the dependence between the x and y-axis data? Maybe add some examples?

Thank you!



I have data with a start- and a end-time.
The end-time is unknown first when the JSON's incoming.
I now want to display the data from the start until the end time.
Is this possible?


(Marius Dragomir) #4

Other then setting an absolute range where you know that documents will appear from the timepicker, there isn't a way to fit bounds to data. You can open an enhancement request here:
and the developers will give it a look.


Thanks a lot, Marius. :pray:t4:

Issue #14488

(system) #6

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