Time out with firewalld on RHEL 7

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Has anyone gotten Elasticsearch to work on Red Hat Linux 7 with firewalld enabled? I always get time out errors with multicast or unicast enabled. Everything works fine when firewalld is disabled (not long term solution). I have opened ports 9200 and 9300-9400 for UDP in firewalld.

I first posted this under Logstash ( MasterNotDiscoveredException with RHEL 7 Firewall on LS 1.4.2 & ES 1.2.1 ) but when "curl" failed, they blamed the network.

(Mike Simos) #2


For both 9200 & 9300 Elasticsearch uses TCP. For multicast you also need to open port 54328:



(Mike Conner) #3

Thanks that got the curl command to work. This topic can now be closed.

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