Time Period for Individuals Visualization in Dash Board


I have applied a separate time span filter in one of my visualizations in the dashboard, but when I change the dashboard time period, this custom-based visualization also gets changed. I don't want this to happen. How to prevent it from changing?

This is a known issue and has been resolved in upcoming 8.9.0 release

Hi @Kumar_Abhinav. That is strange. I have two questions.

  • What kind of visualization (TSVB, Lens, Vega, etc) is your "Comparison of Doc Generated Current Month vs Last Month"?
  • What version of Kibana are you using?

Hi @nickpeihl . Thanks for your message. I am using Timelion Expression and using Version 8.5. Thanks

Can you remove the time slider control and see if that fixes the issue? That would tell us if it is caused by the bug Nathan mentioned.

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