Time series for a particular field in the dataset - No Luck using Timelion


I am a beginner, trying to see time series for a particular field in the dataset. My dataset looks like below

{Application:"XXX", timestamp:"", "numofcalculations":1276, "timestamp":2016-03-16T 10:28:08.089Z"}
{Application:"XXX", timestamp:"", "numofcalculations":700, "timestamp":2016-03-16T 22:30:06.012Z"}
{Application:"XXX", timestamp:"", "numofcalculations":400, "timestamp":2016-03-16T 09:17:45.652Z"}

I want to see "numofcalculations" over time (timestamp). I have already spent lot of time, but no luck. This field starts from an unknown random value (>0).

Here is what I used, which didn't work- .es(index='logstash-*',terms='numcalcs').derivative()

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

To see a particular field, you should use the metric= argument in the .es() function. The trick is that you can't display raw values, but you have to aggregate them per bucket, or time interval. So the syntax is metric=agg:name. So in your case it would be something like .es(metric=avg:numofcalculations)

Thank you Tanya.