Time Series metric aggregation

env: es 6.2 + kibana 6.2

There are 5 hosts.Every 2 minute,the value of network bandwidth indexing to es by each host.For example:
host A.net_bandwidth: 200
host B.net_bandwidth: 400
The unit of measurement is "KB/s"

How can I visualize the total bandwidth of 5 hosts in time series? Approximate value is ok.

If i choose sum aggregation to do this, when the time interval greater than 2m,the result is far greater than actual value.

Thinks for your help.

If you want to make the interval higher than 2 minutes, you could do a sum of avg bandwidth for each host. I would do it in TSVB, as you could even display each individual one on the same chart.

How to do sum of avg?

TSVB means Time Series Visual Builder?

I do it in visual builder,i wanna display one line that is total bandwidth of 5 host . I can display individual one using group by terms

The result i want to get like below,if it is in SQL env.

select *
from (
select time_format_to_interval_10m,decode(grouping(ipaddr),1,'total',0) bindwidth,max(network_bindwidth)
from tab_index
group by time_format_to_interval_10m,rollup(ipaddr)
order by time_format_to_interval_10m
where bindwidth='total'

how can i do this in kibana.

I can do it in Timelion. such as .es().sum().

Is it right?

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