Time series visual builder differences VS Basic charts Vertical Bars

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I have some differences when I use TSVB vs a basic vertical bars.
Here is its:

Same reports, same fields. On top Basic vertical Bars. At the bottom, TSVB.

First, when I embed Kibana in Elastic search, as you can, see the time line is starting in 2013 fot the TSVB report (bottom report). It is not the case for the top report.
Any reason for that ?
X Axis for the top report is based on a built field of the table (xx_period).
X axis at the bottom is the document date.

Secondly, all the amounts are exactly the same, see the similarity of the bars in time, BUT the last month circled in RED is different.
On Top the right value (basic vertical bar).
At bottom, wrong value with TSVB.

Have you faced this kind of issue before ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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what aggregation exactly did you apply to the "built" field in the top table?

I would say the different x-axis come from the fact, that the range of the x-axis in the bottom graph is determined by the date picker. If you didn't use a date range aggregation in the top one this might lead to a different range. If you did, are you sure you set the date range to the same value in the date picker?

Regarding the last bucket, could you check what your value in the "Panel Options" for "Drop last bucket" (first row, very right side) is? Because by default the last bucket is dropped (because it's incomplete). That way the data to the very end of your graph might look different (maybe again, because you didn't use the same x-axis grouping in both graphs).


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The field used at the top is an aggregation of the document_date of the records. It generates a field 'xx_period' = 201601 for Jan 2016 for instance.

The date picker (not sure if you are talking about that) is based on this field xx_period. I can choose From 201601 To 201612 for instance.
The X axis bottom report is not based on this field but on the document_date as it was the only choice in Panel Oprions - Time Field in TSVB.

I don't see the Drop Last bucket Choice in Panel Options (?) :

But I must say it is not the last month as it is September.
The last bucket is October.

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You are apparently using an older version of Kibana, which didn't have the "Drop last bucket" setting. I assume that this setting is the cause of the mismatch, since it will drop the last bucket, which may be reaching into September, and therefore you are also losing document from September in that graph.

I fear, that without updating, there is not much you could do, to get it working with TSVB. Since TSVB is still experimental, it might include newer features still pretty often and some things won't work in older versions. Sorry :frowning:

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Thanks Tim
I will ask my IT colleague to upgrade and see if it improves it.
Can it solve also the 'start from 2013' issue?

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Could you send me a screenshot of your aggregation editor for the upper chart please, with the bucket aggregation expanded.


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