Translate kibana bar chart to TSVB

Hello All,

I have visual made using Vertical Bar chart and over there I can't split x axis twice .I need to show max of duration for given startTime (x-axis),but same time x-axis also show release to compare.

Given release(8.1,8.2 etc) has various usecases for which there are various usecasesSteps which need to be compared .Now challenge is if I use max aggregation it always show MAX Value only and I want timeseries data to be plotted showing all MAX values wrt to startTime. I need exact visual as below but max value should be shown as Timeseries.

Using TSVB can't achive such visula as there I can't compare release and X-axis is based only on time stamp.I need some way where X-axis will show startTime and release version both.

could someone help here?

@Marco_Liberati can lens help here? Thank you.


Lens does not support small multiples yet - the feature in the old Agg-based editor named "Split Chart".

We're aware of this need from users. There's this feature request you can track: [Lens] Support small multiples / facet / trellis for XY and Partition charts · Issue #72063 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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