Split Chart TSVB


I m new to kibana word, i'm exploring TSVB, but i m failing to find a way to split X-axis.

I found it in Area type, Split Chart where i can put the field i want to split, In this case node_name.

How can i archive the same in TSVB (i wanna use TSVB since its more appealing).


There isn't a Split Series option in TSVB, you can just create more series, using the + button in the right of the page.

Do you know if its in the roadmap, as that option is available for more basic chart types?

A side question (let me know if a new thread should be open).
Is there a way to have a similar behaviour on a area chart than in TSVB? referring to when in a TSVB if the mouse is over the chart we can see the values from all metrics at once on the time. In area we must go with the mouse to each line.


I have no information about it being on the roadmap sadly.
As for the side question:
You can achieve that using Lens. The mouse over shows values of all the charts and it functions otherwise pretty much like a normal area chart.

Thanks, i will explore that options.

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