Kibana Timeseries or Area chart to split chart on two fileds value

Hello All,

I have a requirement for below data and not sure which visual could achieve the requirement properly.Ideal requirement is of Timeseries using TSVB or someother visual also fine.Plz let know if this is possible and how ?

Below is my data:

brandName	hostName	instanceName	ctVersion	clientType	clientVersion	usecaseName	usecaseStepName	startTime	endTime	duration
TCQ	ABC	QAA_TCQ	RT15	AWC	8.2	CIAT	Login to CIAT	2023-11-02T17:04:12	2023-11-02T17:05:07	55
TCQ	EFG	QAA_TCQ	RT15	AWC	8.2	MRF	Search object in  CIAT	2023-11-02T17:05:07	2023-11-02T17:05:26	19
TCQ	XYZ	QAA_TCQ	RT17	AWC	8.1	KAWAS	Open and PROD	2023-11-02T17:05:26	2023-11-02T17:06:10	44
TCQ	LMN	QAA_TCQ	RT18	AWC	8.1	NIKODA	CAT Logout	2023-11-02T17:06:11	2023-11-02T17:06:14	3

I need to make timeseries visual which will show:
1)usecaseName on X-axis and
2)usecaseStepsName on Y-axis, and while hover over usecaseStepName will show duration count(field used duration) and lastly this has to be compared for various clientVersion release.
3)StartTime as datehistogram(per second)

Shotly the idea is to plot and show : For given different usecaseNames goes through various usecaseSteps and time taken to process steps is the duration value against startTime. Now this is requiremet and additionaly will require to compare these graphs for each clientVersion.

Problem: TSVB not sure how this is possible, used simple are graph there half achieved but last part split chart on basis of clientVersion unable to do because alreadly splitting chart on basis of usecaseStepName and there could only split chat Once, not more than once.

Plz recommend best way to achive.



Still struggling for solution, can someone recommend something ?

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