Time series visualization for sub-millisecond resolution

How can we build a visualization for time series data which is in microseconds resolution?

Seems there are two challenges:

  1. ElasticSearch: Elastic seems to use only ms-since-epoch timestamps. Could not find yet how to create a timestamp field with time in microseconds. Is that possible?
  2. Kibana: Kibana and Timelion works in ms resolutions only. correct?

Any concrete suggestion or an idea is welcomed.
Thanks in advance!

We are adding support for nanosecond and above resolution, to Elasticsearch, in the near future. Till then you can currently only use microsecond and above.

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Thanks for the clarification Mark. Looking forward using this feature when it will be released.

As a follow-up question - is there any suggestion how to workaround this limitation?
Possibly, pointing to common methods or specific example of charts and their aggrgegations, that developers applied for displaying visualization of microseconds time series.
Maybe through combination of time stamps in seconds resolution with an "us_offset" field; and visualizing it with either Timelion or another chart. Or some other trick. I assume that some creative ideas were already tried by others...


The other option would be to just store the timestamp as a numeric field and work from that.

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