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I am using kibana interface using visual builder visualization can i add two values in the same bucket please check th

kibana%202 e attached images
In the image 1 i have 10 categories i want to add only 2 category in the 2nd image which have include if i include 1 field it shows data if i add 2nd filed it doesn't show . For example in the include field in image 2 i insert A, it shows data if i enter A,B it does not show any data is there any way to filter data here.

I'm trying to understand here. So you're trying to only show data from 2 of the categories, instead of all 10? In other words you're trying to filter out 8 of the categories?

If there is 10 category and in the include column, can i add two category or three category what i want is to filter the data my main purpose is that there is 10 category and i want to show only 3 category if i add 1 category in the include column it shows 1 category data if i include 2nd category it does not shows data.

is there any way can i get the maximum bucket limit increase to 50000 i see the doucment it says The maximum number of buckets allowed in a single response is limited by a dynamic cluster setting named search.max_buckets . It defaults to 10,000, requests that try to return more than the limit will fail with an exception

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