Timebased events for JSON POSTs


How can I create time based events in Kibana when I post something to elastic search?

How and What I am posting:

Function takes Json input in a loop.

def file_shipper(host_facts):
ES_HOST = "exampleelasticsearch"
es = Elasticsearch(host=ES_HOST)
index = "test"

es_index = IndicesClient(es)
if es_index.exists(index):
print(f"{index} already exists, skipping creation")
print(f"{index} is created")

req = requests.post(f'https://{host}/test/test',data=host_facts, verify=False)

host_facts looks like this

"_index": "test",
"_type": "test",
"_id": "AWjom6txnKgMFUMColSE",
"_score": 1,
"_source": {
"ip": "",
"hostname": "ARISTA-01-L3",
"vendor": "Arista",
"model": "DCS-7160-48YC6-F",
"os_version": "4.20.11M-10590868.42011M",
"uptime": 4243232,
"cpu": {
"0": {
"%usage": 14.1
"latency": {
"RTT": 17.562,
"packetloss": 0
"RTT": 0.33,
"packetloss": 0
"@timestamp" : October 24th 2018, 10:20:45.67
on kibana I'm not able to create timebased events, it works if I uncheck time based events. How can I populate timestamp correctly, so that I can create timebased events?

Thanks in advance!

Kibana requires the timefield to actual have a date field-type in Elasticsearch.

Ensure that your Elasticsearch index uses a Date data-type (https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/date.html) for that @timestamp.

So verify your mapping is correct there in Elasticsearch. If not, you will have to set the mapping explicitly on your index, before adding documents.

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