Timelion and aggs_executable


i had scripting disabled so far on my cluster (6.3.2) , and though i kept timelion disabled in kibana.yml, as well. Now my users are requesting it. I added "inline" as an allowed scripting-type and added contexts step by step and ended up using this:

script.allowed_types: inline
script.allowed_contexts: search, aggs, aggs_executable

An exception while calling timelion required "aggs_executeable" to be enlisted, as well. I want to keep my settings as restricted as possible, so i felt kind of uncomfortable adding that context, especially because of i couldn't find any documentation about it. Only "resource" I found is this:

Can someone please tell me, why this context is needed for running timelion / what gets enabled by adding this context to the settings? And maybe even, why it is not documented, at all?


Hey @Jack_Conradson,

It looks like you're assigned to the issue mentioned above, can you please shed some light on aggs_executable? Why do we need this and what does it do? Not sure if we still rely on this in more recent versions of the stack though.


In the process of updating our script contexts aggs_executable was added as a placeholder and is required for different types of agg scripts. Each type of script in future releases has their own context that contains the relevant parameters that are available. The documentation was unfortunately something that fell through the cracks as listed in the issue you saw. I still need to update the current lists of available contexts.

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