Timelion - documentation


I can't find any documentation for timelion besides https://www.elastic.co/fr/blog/timelion-timeline

Is there any?

thank you!

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Only what is here https://github.com/elastic/timelion

It's still a research project so it's very much in flux.

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If you have Kibana version 5 where Timelion comes preinstalled then you can find the tutorial if you go to Timelion --> Docs.

The amount of documentation is stil poor... the documentation of all other elastic products is great, unfortunately timelion is an exception here.

Just want to bump this thread. The documentation for Timelion is meagre.
There's just this link: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/timelion-createviz.html
And the little tutorial that exists in the "Docs" tab.

It would be useful to have a little more explanation of how Timelion works, and in a fashion that consistent with the rest of the ES stack, in the elastic.co guides.

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Has there been any update to documentation resources?

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