Timelion query to string containing slash "/" -- aka: howto use regexp in timelion

Hello everybody,
in the database, a set of strings (stringified ids) are there, stemming from a directory view.
Now I like to filter out subfolders - aka filter out those elements containing slash(es).

the database contents for "cgroup_id":

  • simple one slash "/"
  • subfolder - level one - e.g "folder1" "folder2" "folder3"
  • subfolder level two - e.g. "folder1/subfolder1" "folder2/subfolder2" "folder2/subfolder3"
    ... and so on.

Now I would like to filder for data on the specific levels.
How should the query look like? I've tried around a lot, but did not succeed - how is the proper solution to go for subfolder level 2?

.es (   q='(cgroup_id:"*\/*")' )
.es (   q='(cgroup_id:"*\\/*")' )
.es (   q='(cgroup_id:/*\\/*/)' )
.es (   q='(cgroup_id:*/*)' )

Thanks in advance,

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