Timelion sum metric by month

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I'd like to have Timelion use a data points that are a sum total for a given period like a month or a quarter. For example company Profit&Loss is reported monthly or quarterly but underlying data is at the granularity of daily P&L.

Using the sum metric the P&L reported is the sum of all daily P&L in the specified time period which is not what I'm looking for.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


(Tim Sullivan) #2

Hi Sanjiv,

Your Timelion expression wil look like

.es(metric=sum:profit) .es(metric=sum:loss) 

Then you'll want to change the interval to 1M in the interval drop-down on the right side of the expression input box.

(Sanjiv Jivan) #3

Perfect! I hadn't fully understood the significance of the time period on the Timelion search bar until now. Thanks!

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