Timelion:to get usernames on y-axis and particular event on x-axis

(sunil) #1

I want to get the username on y-axis and the event-4801 and 4800 time on x-axis. I want it to on timelion, but I am not able to figure how to put usernames in y axis and select those eventId, using the timelion experssion.

(Spencer Alger) #2

Timelion is designed to work with time series metrics data, I don't think you can have a non-metric on the y axis (it would need to be count or another metric like that). Maybe you can draw out what you'd like to create?

(sunil) #3

I have tried to make a sample visualization from MS Paint. I want to display such a visualization in timelion. Is it possible in timelion, if not then how can i get it visualized in kibana.

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