Timelion visualisation: Sort and limit RabbitMQ queue entries


I use the RabbitMQ module in Metricbeat to collect Metrics.
I made a Timelion expression of that and I am faced with the following problem:

I would like to sort the number of queues (that have been blurred) by the number of messages present in this queue and only show the top 10 of them (now 100).

.es(index=metricbeat-*, timefield=@timestamp, metric=max:rabbitmq.queue.messages.total.count, split=rabbitmq.queue.name:100).label('$1', '.*:(.*)>.*').yaxis(label='Messages')

Can someone help me write this query?


Hi, I believe this is an outstanding feature request of Timelion: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/12544

There is a suggestion in that thread that may be useful. You may also want to consider building this visualization in a different kind of visualization instead, which have sorting functionality (Line graph, or TSVB).


Sorry for the late reply. I just tried with TSVB and it looks much better :slight_smile:


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