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Hello dear,
I want to understand, why kibana or elasticsearch is converting time. I attached an image with json inserted on elastic with a date (datetime correct), and datetime showed by kibaba -3). My time is GMT -3, and I applied this on the server, and then I dont need that kibana/elasticsearch convert this field. I try change on kibana advanced settings.

Can you help?

Kibana will convert the UTC timestamps in ES to browser's local time. you can adjust showed timezone of Kibana in advanced setting: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/advanced-options.html

Hello Dear and @wangqinghuan

I apply gmt -3 (america/sao_paulo) on kibana, and search engine shows correct time, but all my date fields inserted in gmt -3, are be converting to gmt -3 again, and kibana shows date with gmt -6. If apply UTC date time on kibaba, the search engine shows time always in UTC but my json (inserted in gmt -3) is not converted. In both cases, we have this issue. I try browser time too but have the same issue.

When i change kibana time do UTC, my date field is not converted, and logs show date right. But my "now" time on search engine is wrong, and as use dashboards, I cant let that.

Hello dear,
have anyone idea about this?

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