Timestamp disabled in Kibana Alert and Actions after 7.9.0 update


Elasticstack is latest 7.9.0. Before update, we were able to save timestamp when alert was getting triggered but now it's disable. we are unable to save timestamp in alert content being saved on index.

Highlighted area is disable. When an alert condition meet the criteria and it save the details on index, timestamp is missing. How can we add timestamp with alert document if this feature remains disable.

Hi @msszafar

I'm having trouble reproducing this issue, and don't see anything that would cause that drop down to be disabled. Do you happen to see any errors in your browser console when going to edit this connector?

Hi @corey.robertson,

I am having issue with previously created connector and newly created connector too. Timestamp is disable. It doesn't show any error on Kibana UI. Sceenshots showing the state of connectors as:

Was previously created connector

Creating new connector now

Hi Sir @corey.robertson,

Issue has been resolved. @timestamp field was disabled because timestamp was not defined in the index. In connector, timestamp means it says hey please tell me what field type time do you have or which time do you want to display in alert json document.

First I defined field of type time on my index, then connector displayed me that field here.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

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