Timestamp in GMT +0200

Hi! You may have seen my previous thread about populating the standard @timestamp. I managed this although, the standard @timestamp shows the local time. So if the event in a log file says something was done at 13.00 the timestamp field will show 16.00. Is there anyway to fix this or shouldn't I tamper with this?

Here is a picture for show.

Notice difference between the timestamp under the "time" field and the timestamp under the "_source" field.

The timestamp displayed by Kibana in your example probably has local timezone correction applied, i.e. the raw @timestamp field is 2015-06-21T11:15:00.000Z. This matches the input string.

Yes that is correct. How do you remove the timezone correction?

Making this configurable appears to be on the roadmap for Kibana 4.4. See issue #1600.

Wow okey. Strange that they haven't implemented it earlier. Oh well thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Please +1 the issue, if this is important to you!

Hi! How do I "+1" this issue?

Log into Github (you need an account for anything beyond read-only access) and just add a comment, saying "+1" :slight_smile: