Timestamp warnings in elasticsearch logs

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I see following exception es.deprecation.log. I see that this question was answered earlier other thread, but, it has less explanation.

[WARN ][o.e.d.s.f.s.DocValueFieldsFetchSubPhase] Doc-value field [@timestamp] is not using a format. The output will change in 7.0 when doc value fields get formatted based on mappings by default. It is recommended to pass [format=use_field_mapping] with the doc value field in order to opt in for the future behaviour and ease the migration to 7.0.

  1. I was trying to understand, what format of timestamp we need to use to write to elasticsearch to avoid this issue ?
  2. Earlier post suggests that to suppress the warnings, but I was trying to format the date.

Could you please advise on this?


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Any help on this?

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This warning is generated by searches, not by writing to Elasticsearch. The fix is to be explicit about the timestamp format in searches, because the behaviour will change in 7.0 and this might break your application.

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Thanks for the update. In this case, kibana is making search.

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