Cause of use_field_mapping warning?

Regarding the question about use_field_mapping warnings in the linked post above:

"[use_field_mapping] is a special format that was only used to ease the transition to 7.x. It has become the default and shouldn't be set explicitly anymore."

I also get these warnings on the nodes in our cluster. I understand that use_field_mapping should no longer be used, but how can I find out where it is used? What should I look for? I have no recollection of ever using this in any scripts that index data to Elasticsearch.

Hello @tomhe,

The use_field_mapping parameter is set in the doc_values section of a search request: You would see this warning if you issued any searches that set this parameter. Unfortunately our logs don't yet give an easy way to track down the client that is causing the deprecation error.

If you are using Kibana, then it's possible that Kibana itself is causing the deprecation warning -- Kibana still includes use_field_mapping parameter in some visualizations ( It looks like the team is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

Thanks, might very well be Kibana.

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