What is [use_field_mapping] format?


I have a problem with my shards failing so I check es logs.

I find this warning :

[instance-0000000005] [use_field_mapping] is a special format that was only used to ease the transition to 7.x. It has become the default and shouldn't be set explicitly anymore.
  • What is concerned by this format?
  • Is it has a lynk with my shards problem?

Thanks in advance


Any idea about this issue?

It relates to the format of Doc value Fields. format can be used to specify how a Doc value field value will be formatted in the response, useful for dates and numeric fields in particular.

use_field_mapping was a special format introduced in 6.x to indicate that the format specified in the field mapping should be the one used. Since this is now the default in 7.x, there's no need to specify it anymore, hence the warning in the logs.

Hi, @forloop
I find this warning, too.
I write kibana plugin import src/legacy/ui/public/styles/bootstrap/mixins.less
at line 88 still using 'use_field_mapping'

@yunchung I would recommend opening an issue on the Kibana repository to raise awareness

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