Top 10 result in anomaly explorer tab (machine learning)


I have a small setup of elk stack of 7.9.0.
I created a ML job on the basis of my data and wanted to remove pagination from anomaly explorer tab. Also want to show top 10 anomaly in anomaly explorer.
Also attached the highlighted screenshot.

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Hi Abhishek,

It's not possible to remove the pagination completely from that table, but you can increase the number of rows to 100 per page.

Out of interest, what is the reason for wanting a table with 400+ rows?

Regarding a top 10. The table is ordered by anomaly severity, so the first page if 10 is the top 10 anomaly records.
The influencer and swimlane tables show the top 10 influencers.


I would like it to show just top 10 records with no pagination based on severity.

I see ok. I'm afraid there is no way to remove the pagination controls.
Just showing the first page of 10 is the only way to achieve what you want.


Thank you for the response. Could you answer me if the time field as highlighted below in anomaly explorer can be formatted in some way. I would like it to show just the time and not the date.

I formatted the field in the index pattern as highlighted below to just show time but it seems not to work in machine learning.

Thank you


I'm afraid it is not possible to change the format of the time in that table.
There is additional logic in the choice of the formatter based on the interval of the data which means we can't use the built in Kibana format pattern.


Thank you for reply.

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