Topbeat does not report per-core statistics


I'm trying to analyze an OpenStack cloud's performance for different services using topbeat and packetbeat. I chose topbeat specifically because it supported per-core reporting for processes' CPU usage. However, after setting cpu_per_core to true in the YAML and restarting the client, I saw no individual core values reported back to Logstash. Topbeat continues to report, but there appears to be no individual core data as indicated by both the cpuX.* filters being hidden in Kibana and by the results of manually searching for those fields. I've read in a few places that the Windows implementation exhibits similar behavior to what I'm seeing, but this is a Linux system. Could anyone give me some guidance on how to diagnose this?

System was deployed using the DigitalOcean guide. This includes using all of their specified repositories.
Topbeat version 1.3.1


I strongly recommend you to use Metricbeat instead of Topbeat. I assume you are looking for the core metricset?

I didn't even know about metricbeat. It looks like exactly what I want. Thanks!

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