Topbeat on Windows has high CPU usage

I am evaluating TopBeat and have installed it (version 1.3.1) on a Windows Server 2012 and the TopBeat process consumes 20-25% of the CPU according to the windows recource monitor.
Is this expected? Am I missing some configuration?

I'm running it with "default" configuration and shipping through logstash on the same machine:

  period: 10
  procs: [".*"]
    system: true
    process: true
    filesystem: true
    cpu_per_core: false

    hosts: ["localhost:5044"]
    compression_level: 1

Do you see it going to 20-25% once every 10s, or is it constantly at that level? If the latter, then it's not normal, I'd expect topbeat to be idle most of the time.

Can you try the following tests to narrow the problem:

  • disable stats one by one (set system to false, then process to false, etc.) to see if one of the modules is guilty
  • replace the logstash output with the file output to check if that is the problem

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