Topbeat very high CPU on a HAProxy server

top command shows topbeat consuming very high CPU on a HAproxy server that is getting around 400 req/sec.

13770 root      15   0  761m 378m 5904 R 66.2  4.7  41:23.84 topbeat
 2427 haproxy   15   0 45988 2676  840 S 11.3  0.0   2:42.13 haproxy
 2424 haproxy   15   0 46008 2780  920 S 10.0  0.0   2:38.81 haproxy
 2426 haproxy   15   0 46104 2732  796 S  8.3  0.0   2:49.87 haproxy
 2425 haproxy   16   0 45848 2584  796 S  7.3  0.0   2:42.12 haproxy
 2368 root      18   0  192m 1880 1052 S  7.0  0.0   0:53.25 rsyslogd
14152 root      15   0  118m  16m 4504 S  5.3  0.2   0:23.72 filebeat

66% CPU is taken by topbeat.

Nothing in topbeat log file.

Both the amount of CPU and memory seem to be unusually high.

  • What version of topbeat are you running?
  • How many processes are running on this system? Are there a lot of new processes being created?
  • Can you post your config?

I am using Topbeat 1.0. The latest one.
My topbeat.yml has nothing special, the only things I have changed are:

  period: 60

  procs: [".*"]

    system: true
    proc: true
    filesystem: true


    hosts: [""]

The server does not start stop processes. Only HAProxy is running.

I have a similar topbeat deployment (except I am using the elasticsearch output) and mine has remained constantly at about 15MB of memory and almost no CPU usage.

Would you be willing to collect some profiling information and attach it in this thread (or email it to me - andrew dot kroh at elastic dot co)? It would help us figure out where all those CPU cycles and memory are being used.

To do so, stop the service and run topbeat with the -cpuprofile and -memprofile options:

topbeat -c /etc/topbeat/topbeat.yml -cpuprofile -memprofile -e -v

Let it run for a while then stop the process. It will write out two .prof files which we will look at with go tool pprof.

Since I restarted topbeat, it is no longer taking high cpu/memory. Probably it gets stuck when there's issue with ES cluster. I will wait for another event and do the profile.

high memory usage is a sign for topbeat queuing up data + trying to reconnect and send to elasticsearch. This high CPU usage is still weird.

Which topbeat version have you installed? 1.0.0 or 1.0.1?

You can reduce memory usage be decreasing 'bulk_max_size' (in 1.0.1 value has been reduced to 200 to decrease memory usage) in logstash output.