Training Recomandtion

Hi there,

I am an Elastic admin for observability. I would to start with the security (SIEM) topic as well. I am a newbie in this regard. Which of this trainings would you suggest to attend at first: Onsite & Online Training for Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, Logstash, and more | Elastic Training

Threat Hunting with Kibana
Network Security Monitoring Cyber Operator
Network Security Monitoring Engineer
Elastic Endgame
Elastic Endgame Advanced Threat Hunting
Elastic Endgame Triage and Response

Hi @smm, there's some free content that you might probably want to start with, for instance:

On the channel, you can find several videos about Elastic Security, for example, this one:

Private trainings seem like a good option as well.

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