Transactions per hour elastic agent

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In your experiences how many transaction or events can do per hour any device with agent?
what about network devices?

hope your comments.

I assume you mean the endpoint agent? Because "Elastic Agent" is just a supervisor agent that runs normal beats and the new endpoint agent.
I just deployed it to two test machines. I'm searching for "event.module:endpoint" and timerange is 24h.

  • Windows Fileserver with low usage: 140.000 log entries
  • Linux Webserver with moderate usage (a few docker apps with <10 concurrent active users): 3 million log entries

Not sure if the Linux usage is normal. elastic-endpoint is causing about 200% relative CPU:

EDIT: just rebooted the linux host, usage went to normal UNTIL i started my Collabora app. It seems to absolutely ruin the Endpoint Agents performance. If this persists, I might try to dive deeper into the behaviour.

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thanks for your comments.

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