Transfer logs from rsyslog to logstash and view those logs in browser

Hi ,
I want to send syslogs from rsyslog to logstash and view those in browser. I want to do this with TLS enabled.
I have tried following ways:
a. configured all corresponding files.
b. configured pipeline for logstash.
c. changed all UDP connections to TCP.
Please guide.

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It's not really clear what your issue is here, is something not working?

I learned that all syslogs that are transferred from rsyslog to logstash can be seen in index called *logstash in elk in browser.
I configured all the files from syslog to rsyslog and rsyslog to logstash . But cant see my logs there.
please guide.

Please guide.

@vatsal I'm pretty much a newbie too but have you considered checking out some online tutorials?
Here is a good one I believe: A Practical Guide to Logstash: Syslog Deep Dive - Coralogix

This forum would be able to help with specific questions.

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