Translating Unique ID to description

Hi all!
I'm using Kibana and Elastic Search for logging errors from an application. Known bugs are assigned a unique ID (a GUID) so that they can be collated into a table. This lets us check the frequency of various bugs and errors pretty easily.

Unfortunately, these GUIDs are pretty inscrutable, as they're just a collection of numbers and letters. It'd be ideal if we could match these GUIDs with a super short description of the bug the represent, so that short description could be displayed on a visualization instead of the GUID itself (or in addition to the GUID).

We're quite happy to manually make the associations between a new GUID and the little discription string we'd like to tag it with. Where in the logging pipeline is the right place for this?


Hello Gabe,

You can use a feature from Kibana to do this assignment. it was introduced with this PR:
Alternatively, you can just create a new field at ingest time if you're using Logstash and there you should be able to do a similar mapping.

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