Transport create fail. lucene version field exception

Hi all. I was using ES1.7.4 with transport client.
Recently, I tried to upgrade it to 5. but I got exception. TransportClient seek LUCENE_5_2_1 field but failed.
My lib folder has full jars about lucene 6.2.1 .
I don't know why.
How i solve it? I need advice.
I'm using RHEL 7 (kernel 2.3.xx-574) and Java8_111.
Thanks your attention.

May be you are mixing versions?

No, I just use ES5 jars. but lucene core 4.10.1 contains in my utility jar.
It could happen trouble?

Yes. You can't have both.

Thanks! I remove lucene on my util jar, and exception was gone.

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