Trellis change font color of the row labels

Hey! Im building a vega diagram using something similar to this trellis example:

Its split by row and I can't change the font color of (in the example above gender & male feminine)

I was hoping
"row": {"field": "gender", "type": "nominal", "titlecolor"/"labelcolor":"white"},
would work but it doesnt seem to!

Help would be appreciated.


I guess you don't want to show those labels? Try the following:
"row": {"field": "gender", "type": "nominal", "header": { "labels": false}},

hope this helps,

Sorry, not exactly. I want those labels, but I want to change the colour from black! But yup, it helped, didnt know the tag was "header". Issue fixed.

"header":{titleColor:"white", labelColor:"white"}

Thanks Matthias!

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