Tribenode and network stream [Solved]


I have configured a tribe node. It can talk to three data nodes.
I see a constant TCP flow between a node and the tribe node.

I wonder what is the tcp flow doing ? What sort of information it contains ? I can't find any documentation on this.
Is it possible to make some tuning on this ? Maybe change the refresh time to have less traffic between nodes ?

Thanks in advance !



Since tribe nodes are designed to work as clients across multiple clusters, they need to retrieve the cluster state from all connected clusters to merge them into a global cluster state. This is most likely causing the traffic you are noticing, even if you are not perfocming any other operation.
Refresh time has nothing to do with it since this only controls how often operations are made available for search.

so it is just the minimal data flow needed by the tribe node ? Is there any tuning available on this ?

There is no tuning available.
Make sure you are on 2.X though, as that sends cluster diffs, not the whole thing on each change.

Ok thank you !

Yeah yeah i'm on 2.