Tribe Node Understading

(Harinath Krish) #1

Say suppose my ES cluster spans across 7 data center, with the help of tribe I can view entire 7 clusters into one big cluster.

If I place tribe in any one of the data center in (north america), say suppose I query from Europe data center. Will there latency is accessing tribe node which is located in north america and get data belong Europe. All my data center,have different data don't have any common relation but want to provide single gateway to access data
Any advise would be very useful
Thank you

(Mark Walkom) #2


(Harinath Krish) #3

Will it be good idea to place seven different tribe node, which is individual for each data center.

(Mark Walkom) #4

It makes sense, then your clients you can query the local one or any of them.

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