Trouble making Bar Graph showing the most common value of a field over a given time

(Cody Burke) #1

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to make a bar graph that will show the value of a field(storeinfo) with the highest count, every hour, for the past 24 hours. Basically, I want to to show the most frequent storeinfo in my logs, by hour, with the number of times it appeared on the y-axis, and the actual storeinfo and hour in the x-axis.

I currently have a poor workaround for this. My y-axis is set to count, I split the chart by columns as a date histogram with an hourly interval, and have my x-axis set to be a sub aggregation on the term storeinfo.raw ordered by count, descending, and a size of 1.

The attached picture is the result I get

My biggest issue with this result is that every value of storeinfo that is most frequent for at least one hour appears in every 1 hour chunk.

I think I need to do something like y=max(count(storeinfo.raw) (which I already basically have), and need to be able to control the x-axis labels better.

Any help would be appreciated

(CJ Cenizal) #2

Hey Cody,

Hmm, I wonder if it will help if you do an X-Axis Aggregation (Date Histogram) first, and then a Split Bars Sub-Aggregation (Terms) last?

Here's the kind of result I get:

Can you let me know if this helps at all?


(Cody Burke) #3

That worked beautifully!

Thank you so much cjcenizal!
Here's what I got with your help:

(CJ Cenizal) #4

Awesome!! Glad I could help, Cody!


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