Trouble with connecting ElasticSearh and Dropbox


My name is Avetik.
Now i have one trouble with connecting ElasticSearh and Dropbox.

I don`t understand what is need to be input in this window.

I also can not understand this explanation:

Сan you please help me with this case?


Where's your workplace search instance running? What is its url?

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I don`t know.
How can i find out?

When you login to Workplace Search, you have to enter the URL in your browser. If you launched via Elastic Cloud and you just clicked a link to go to Workplace Search, you can grab the hostname from your browser's URL bar.

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I launch via Elastic Cloud and I just click a link to go to Workplace Search.

Would i grab this hostname from my browser's URL bar?

In this case, the following error appears

@avetik thanks for the screenshots, I can see what's going wrong.

I think you've misunderstood what a "hostname" is, and how to get it from a URL. You can read about the various parts of a URL here in the wikipedia article. In our dropbox documentation, in Step 5, we specify:

Within OAuth 2 and Redirect URIs, add the following two redirect URIs, substituting <WS_BASE_URL> with the base URL at which Workplace Search is hosted (scheme + host, no path).



# Deployment using a custom domain name

# Deployment using a default Elastic Cloud domain name

The key bit there is (scheme + host, no path). From the error that Dropbox is giving, it looks like you've included the "path", which in this case would have been /ws#/org.

Let us know if you run into other issues. :slight_smile:

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