Trying to connect to Elasticsearch with java client on port 9222

(Anton) #1

I am running Elasticsearch out of port 9222, not 9200, but I have been unable to connect to it from my Java client program.

I changed my connection code to:

			   Settings settings = Settings.builder()
			        .put("", CLUSTER_NAME).build();
		   TransportClient client = new PreBuiltTransportClient(settings)
			        .addTransportAddress(new InetSocketTransportAddress(InetAddress.getByName("localhost"), ES_PORT));


where ES_Port is 9222,
But it continues to fail with

Exception in thread "main" NoNodeAvailableException[None of the configured nodes are available: [{#transport#-1}{DEI0dsf7Qdy0N_avSqKGfw}{localhost}{}]

But ES is operational on that port:

curl 'http://localhost:9222/?pretty'
"name" : "4FTDLkm",
"cluster_name" : "anton-expt1",
"cluster_uuid" : "BuuMEWMBQQCL915jpWc7Bg",
"version" : {
"number" : "5.3.2",
"build_hash" : "3068195",
"build_date" : "2017-04-24T16:15:59.481Z",
"build_snapshot" : false,
"lucene_version" : "6.4.2"
"tagline" : "You Know, for Search"

How can I get the api client to access the ES instance on that port?

(David Pilato) #2

I suppose that 9222 is the REST port not the Transport one.

Either use the REST client (preferred) or use the right transport port (9300 by default)

(Anton) #3

Hi David,
I have worked it out - I have added the following line to the .yml config file:
transport.tcp.port: 9302

and matched this in the connection. It is now connecting to my instance of Elasticsearch rather than the other one that is used 9300.


(system) #4

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