Trying to implement pie chart logic

Hello Everyone! I'm a new user of ELK stack, its looking really powerful and a bit challenging, however I would like to ask you about one thing related to kibana visualizations.

I'm currently trying to implement a visual representation of this logic:

we've logs containing ID of a store, till number (every store may have 1-20 till numbers) and event type. I would like to implement a pie chart showing healthness of each store based on logs containing certain event types, so to classify a store as a healthy each of its tills would need to have 6 logs containing certain different event type. Classifying store as unhealthy would be an opposite to logic above (not all 6 logs are present).

Could you please advise some tips on how to implement such logic in pie chart or maybe I should choose different visualization for such case?

Thank you for any help.

Best regards,


Hi Michael,
Let me ask a few questions about your case:

  • the scope of your visualization is to highlight which store is healthy and which is not healthy? like a list of healthy store and a list of non-healthy?
  • is the healthy just a boolean metric (if the store has these 6 event types or more is healthy, if less than 6 is unhealthy) or the healthy is a variable that can describe the level of healthyness?

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