Pie chart: display all records equal to the value clicked

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Hi, i am just getting started with the ELK stack and am just trying to do some basic stuff first.
As a test i am sending cisco logs to logstash. I have created a Visualization that count the number of records by severity level 0-6. When I click a piece of the chart I would like to display all records with that severity level. How can I accomplish this with Kibana?

(Bhavya R M) #2


Do you mean to say you want to display full documents as tooltip? Like this?

You can display parts of your document depending on which field you are aggregating on.
Does that help?


(Frederik De Muyter) #3

Hi Bhavya,

i want to click in the pie char for example the serverity_level_keyword warning and then I want to have a list of all events with that severity level, as in picture included.

(Bhavya R M) #4


Unfortunately this isn't possible yet. What you want is drill downs and they are in the roadmap.


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