TSVB - CSS apply to all visu

I add some css to a TSVB markdown visu (for instance : background-color:red;). When Assembling all my visus in one dashboard, the last TSVB visu in the flow will override the style of each other.

TSVB 1 --> style : background-color:green
TSVB 2 --> style : background-color:blue
TSVB 3 --> style : background-color:red

Separately styles are correct, but when assembling those 3 visus in one dashboard, all have a red background.

Kibana v6.5.4

Are you using specific css syntax to set the css or just the built-in background color selector for Markdown? I tried it now in 7.5.0 and it seems to work fine there, so it was more likely fixed in the meantime. I couldn't find an issue for it though where this was reported and fixed.

Hi Marius, thanks for the reply. I used the specific css syntax to custom my visus

Then it is a bug that has been fixed, either through another bug or just in an update, without somebody raising an issue for it. Because in the latest version, that works fine.